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Safety & Security First

Our goal is to arrive home safe each day and we prove this with our employee safety program. All employees participate in weekly safety meetings, and incentives are in place to ensure effectiveness of our program. We utilize hidden cameras and alarm systems to ensure our job sites are always secure. Through our safety and security policies, our clients can confidently leave their home in our hands.

Problem Solvers

Every client has a unique situation and needs. We excel in bringing those needs from concept to reality. Challenges of outgrowing space and deciding between adding on and building new are not foreign to us. Energy bills that are skyrocketing are solvable in multiple ways. We have solutions to any home challenge.

Cost & Quality

We pride ourselves on being cost effective while maintaining strict quality. If energy efficiency is the goal, consider it met. If quality cabinets are the goal, it is met. We can ensure your design and the cost of it reflects your goals.

Our Story

In 1994, brothers Jim and Ray Sundberg set out in the construction business with a goal to do things differently. A goal that started with a challenge of a client, and ended with a solution and a thrilled client. Through this, we have continued to grow and expand our client list and project portfolio. Jim’s extensive experience in the construction industry, from commercial, industrial, and residential, has always ensured we are doing things right. Ray’s experience and education as an engineer has proven to be a key to our success. While we have grown beyond these humble beginnings, our goal has remained the same, and has resulted in us creating fine homes for over twenty years. We invite you to be part of our story with your next project.

Ray Sundberg

General Partner

Ray is our primary client contact, and will guide you through your dream to completion. He has been with J &R Sundberg Cosntruction since its beginning, and worked in construction prior to starting this business.

Jim Sundberg

General Partner

Jim is a job site superindent, directing the daily operations of our crew and subcontractors on site. He has been with J &R Sundberg Cosntruction since its beginning, and worked in construction prior to starting this business.

Ty Sundberg


Ty has always been with J & R, starting as an apprentice and working up to his current role. With an exceptional ability to recognize client’s wishes, he directs projects efficiently and ensures we continue to leave positive impressions on clients.